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I'm Matt, and I guess I oughta introduce myself.  I'm a pretty die-hard Nats fan along with most other DC sports.  Maryland football, Redskins football and Caps hockey are the other big ones for me, they don't come close to my baseball obsession though.  I'm a sophomore at the University of Mary Washington down in F-burg (Geography and Political Science).  I am also an umpire for little league games around school.  I've been a fan of baseball pretty much for as long as I can remember, and a Nats fan since they got here.  Before that I rooted for the Braves because, a) I didn't want to root for the local AL team (Orioles) because I refuse to pull for AL teams, and b) I used to live in Georgia.

That's my intro I suppose.  I'm gonna head off to the ballpark in a few so I suppose I'll post some more later.