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Welcome FrankenMonkey!  Like the Avatar.  How did you come up with that character?

I was at that game vs the  Cubs too.  It was Great!

Welcome to a generally good but occasionally very frustrated group of NATS fans!

I came up with name 'FrankenMonkey' way back in college as a funny short story and later adopted it as my online persona. Coincidentally, Young Frankenstein was one of my favorite movies and my signature is one of my favorite quotes from that movie. As for the avatar, I just found a monkey gif on-line and made some serious alterations to make it my animated logo. All that put together and voila, I'm FrankenMoney! Or FM for those of you who find it easier to abbreviate.

Thanks for the welcome! I'll be sure to baby-step my way into the gameday threads. No need to go cannon-balling into that pool just yet!