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Re: Welcome! New Members, Introduce Yourself!
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Geetings all, Konan aka Doug here as a new member. Soon to be 52 yr old Nats fan, I live outside Richmond, VA. I take my 74 yr old dad (with my wife's help) to as many weekend games as I can. He and I are lifelong Yankees fans, but now have adopted the Nats as our second team. The three of us truly enjoy watching the Nats play.

Last Saturday, at the 10-2 loss to those stinking Braves, I tickled my crew by getting on the big screen while dancing my old-gray-fat butt for the roving camera guy. I later lectured the Budweiser vendor that if you gonna block my view 12 times a game, at least sell the beers "with enthusiasm." I then proceeded to get up and give him some of my home made Budweiser calls. Of course, by this time, the only people left in section 113 were a few die hard Nats fans and roughly 300 Braves fans.

Anyways.....Go Nats!