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Re: Welcome! New Members, Introduce Yourself!
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Well, it's been a while!

I registered I think a week before the season started, under a different username, but after several days of waiting, the admin turned my registration down.  :( So I tried to register again, using the same username, but again after about a week of waiting (by this time we were getting clobbered by the Cards) the admin turned me down again.  :(  So in a last-ditch effort I decided to be "houston-nat", since living a thousand miles away from the home team will probably get me a lot of sympathy here ... and now I can post!  :) My name's Brian, I'm from Houston but have previously lived in Indiana and Michigan, and I have been a Nationals fan since the very first game in DC. I had never had a baseball team - Indiana not exactly being home to a rich baseball tradition - and in my youngster days had rooted half-heartedly for the Indians, White Sox and Tigers (because they were from the region), Athletics (because they had nice colors) and Mets (because my friend liked them). But I visited Washington a week before the Nationals' first game, was excited by all of the spirit the city was showing at the time, and really felt like it was cool that the team was "starting over". So I became a Nationals fan ... which was an odd turnaround because I had always loved making fun of those silly Expos.

I've enjoyed the first season's thrill ride, haven't really enjoyed the last two  :D , and during spring training this year predicted to all my friends that Washington would go 85-77 and place third in the NL East. I'm still sticking to that.

And am glad to be here. Finally.  :)