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Re: Welcome New Members, Introduce Yourself!
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Hi everyone!  New SPH in section 116 and jumped in the deep end with a full package.  Would love any help and feedback on getting the most out of my plan, i.e. when's autograph day and hot stove (Don't think I have the best ticket rep in the org), best thing to do with games i can't use, etc.  Been trying to read up on the points program, too.

Looking forward to the year!

Best thing to do with games you can’t use: exchange them for additional seats to other games and take Friends, get a season partner and sell a chunk (there was a great site for exactly this purpose which seems to no longer work with the Nats so hopefully there will be a replacement soon), or donate them. Once the tickets are loaded into the accounts, you can do the exchanges and StubHub listings online.