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Re: Welcome New Members, Introduce Yourself!
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You could make up for it by visiting the WNFF Loft meetup on Sept 30, though.     :whistle:

Oh hey, one more thing - that's Darold Knowles on your avatar, correct?    Back in the early official forum days there was a conversation about how Nats of the 1960's would substitute teach in the offseason to supplement their meager wages.  Somebody, perhaps even your cousin  8)  recalled Knowles at a particular school.

I located him coaching baseball at a college in Florida and got an admin to query him on the subject - he confirmed that in fact he had done substitute teaching though he couldn't recall where it was.  PG county though, I'm pretty sure.  Had to be near the Quonset Hut.     :glug:


I remember you saying that and it made my day when we were informed that he smiled knowing one of his students had remembered him from teaching. Thanks again for taking the time to do that. It gave me a smile and lifetime memory.

But yes, Darold Knowles was a substitute teacher in P.G. County in the late sixties/early seventies. He also pitched in all seven games of the '73 World Series. I believe he is still the only pitcher to ever do so. I could be wrong.

 Great guy and an even better substitute teacher. We played dodgeball that day and I remember trying so hard to impress him with my throwing arm. I was in awe of him as if he were  God Almighty. :shock: What a thrill for a youngster to have a "Washington Senator" as your PE teacher if only for a day. I still remember that giddy feeling I had when I had to introduce myself to him. Too funny.

Thanks again Tom!