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Re: Welcome New Members, Introduce Yourself!
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Washington Nationals message board


>>"I didn't think he did things to get tossed? Seriously?
There are probably kids (teenagers/younger) that read this board. The word scrapps called the mod was totally inappropriate. He deserved what he got.
Sub email, new name gets him back on this board. That's what he did on WNFF. If he continues with wording that got him banned from both boards, he'll be gotten rid of again and again and...."

My reply;

NatsPark, I actually was NOT banned from WNFF. It apparently just took them a day or two to push me through.

The moderator for the Washington Nationals message board baited me by deleting several posts that I had made that were not derogatory to the club or had any profanity. That being said, he got what he wanted by getting me to blowup because of all the deletions directed towards Angelossux and myself.

 Catacony's fingerprints are ALL OVER this mess. Can't wait to return so I can micromanage each and every post he makes. Not sure how much he's payed, but you can bet he'll earn every dime when I return.

Miss you guys. :(