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Re: Welcome New Members, Introduce Yourself!
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Hi, I'm Debbie Taylor (no connection to MASN's Debbi Taylor) and true to form, I'm showing up late for the party. I never paid attention to baseball until the Nats; my husband Brian claims dual citizenship (Nats-Red Sox). We share a season's ticket with another couple in section 318 in the infamous "obscured view" area. So if you've found us in your seats in a lower row so that we can see the scoreboard, my apologies. We're usually ousted by out-of-towners, though, since the 300s are the best they can do without breaking the bank. Our next game is 9/18. They have to win because it will be my birthday, one of those with a zero at the end....See you at the ballpark!

hi debbie,

welcome, i know you're not the real debbi taylor :-)! im actually good friends of hers and i know she is not a member here! so i can vouch for ya! :-)

again, welcome and if you come to the tailgate party, we might have 2 DT's at the tailgate!

again, welcome and better late than never!

there is always next year!