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Re: Welcome New Members, Introduce Yourself!
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Quote from: "kimnat"
Thanks, Ken!  I like this board already.  And to see so many familiar "faces" is neat, too.  Thanks for your prayers for the kid.  Weds. is our big day.

O, so, you already know Kenzafan-- so you must be part of the enemy, the enemy that supress the opinions of those they deem "too young" and try to brainwash their minds to be in accordance with their standards...well I'll let you know I will never be taken over...NEVER..

lol, :lol: , hi, I'm natzfanatic88--I've just realized that I've never told anyone on this board my  name (better that way, then they can't hunt me down)--well anywayz, I'm the only thing that stop this place from being a complete see ya around, lol  8)  8)