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Re: Welcome New Members, Introduce Yourself!
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Hi everyone -

I'm  originally from Miami, FL, but moved to DC as an intern in 2007, and permanently in 2009. I'm a huge fan of Miami sports teams (as the name suggests, big Heat fan) but I've adopted DC United and George Mason (my grad school) as my local teams, along with the Nats.

I grew up a huge, season ticket holding every-game-watching Marlins fan, but slowly and surely they lost me as a fan. The breaking point was the Miguel Cabrera deal; couldn't stand to root for a team ran by liars and crooks. Needless to say their continued cheapness and incompetence even with a new stadium has really vindicated me (unfortunately for them.)

I was in baseball limbo for a year or so, and actually became a Nats fan in 2007. My first game, I believe, was against Cleveland in 07 when Chad Cordero blew a save by giving up a bomb to Grady Sizemore. I kept thinking "damn, him, Cliff Lee and Brandon Phillips should be Nationals!" That worked out for us in the long run huh?

Really became devoted in 2009 with partial season tickets I had up to 2011. Couldn't in 2012; I have a terrible in-attendance record, so I'm not re-upping for 2013 either.

Anyway, long time reader of WNFF, figured I'd finally sign up.