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Hey guys,

I registered last year but only started posting this season.  I'm a big nats fan living in Los Angeles, so I have to pay through the nose to watch them stink up the ball park every day.  I lived in DC for the innaugural season, but moved right after that.

I joined because I would read your posts for years as a visitor and always found you guys funny and entertaining.  Why not be a part of that?

My favorite player is Zimmerman (I'm actually good friends with his fiance - still surreal to see a friend of mine will be married to a DC superstar), but I also have a big man crush on Ankiel.  I think his story is so cool and I know he takes a lot of heat for his offense, but I got love for him.  I get giddy when I see runners on 3rd base sit after a fly out to center that he is under.

Random MLB player I hate:  Jeff Baker of the Cubs.  I knew him growing up.  Entitled douche.  I actually route for injury whenever I see him in a game.  That is how much I despise him.

Oh...and I'm a math guy, so I love to study the numbers behind the game.  Cheers!