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Re: Welcome New Members, Introduce Yourself!
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I had seats in 313 in 2008 and 2009 but I would pay $5 more to sit lower in the mezzanine.

I'm worried whether I would actually get anything close to season ticket price on Stubbub for mezzanine seats. Anybody with any experience? Plus, the thought of unwittingly selling to Philthies fans is disturbing. But I agree it could be hard to find a season ticket group in the mezzanine.

Resale is hit or miss.  Historically September games have no resale value, although we can always hope that things will be different this year.  For other months I can make a small profit on some games and take a small loss on others, with the generous exchange program for unused tickets, if I can't sell mine for a reasonable price I trade them in for a future game.