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Thanks for the welcome. The Zimmerman t-shirt I was looking for was something like they have on for example for the White Sox. They have the team logo on the front and the player's number and name on the back. The only Nats' one I've seen on there was for Nick Johnson.

How far is Fairfax from RFK? Is parking really that horrible around RFK?
Fairfax is about a 20 min drive to RFK...when there's no traffic.  But that's a rarity...that's why you take the subway from Fairfax to RFK.  The stadium has it's own subway station.  If you DO decide to drive to the stadium there is plenty of parking but you have to pay $15 to get in the lots and usually a traffic jam to get out.  Plus the way out and back to Virginia can be easily I always recommend Metro for those who are not familiar with the city.