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Re: Welcome New Members, Introduce Yourself!
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I am not thrilled with the Kasten approach to this year's team. I know the game plan is to "grow" a team for the future, but fans are paying good money this year to see what?

Welcome aboard and I'm hoping we can get a lot of posts out of you.

A thought hit me when I read the part your post that says, "the game plan is to "grow" a team for the future" and that thought was, oh my God, the poor fans that are going to have to walk through all the manure the Nats will need to get that plan to "grow". When the wrong kind of fertilizer is used, it can quickly have an adverse effect on whatever it is you're trying to grow. I'm glad I don't live close enough to get to the games, because if I was, I'd be backing "the plan" 40 to 60 times a season like I was doing when the team was in that "other" city. You know, that city with the big oh so ugly flower pot for a stadium...

You're absolutely right when you say, fans will be paying good money to see a product that is not Major League caliber. The Nats experiment is being financed by fans and some daring sponsors. And what's a big part of the marketing plan? "Give us your hard earned money now while the team stinks, because if you don't, you'll be last in line to get into our new home." Seems to me they could get a ton more fans to buy into the plan if they fielded a team that was able to be competitive more than once a week.

Oh oh, my bad, I started ranting and forgot to hit the breaks.