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My name is Arch and I saw my first Nationals game in 1950 as a 12 yr. old at Griffith Stadium against the Yankes and Joe D., no less. Needless to say I saw my share of losses but I  felt really robbed when the old Senators went to Minnesota.  Never really embellished the new Senators, except for Hondo, of course and was not as upset when they went to Texas.  Never became an Orioles fan, although one of my best friends from high school, Mont, Blair, Steve Barber, became the Orioles first 20 game winner.  I was absolutely thrilled when the new Nationals arrived and went to a number of games the first two seasons. Have not been this year mainly because my old bones can't handle the cold and truthfully, I am not thrilled with the Kasten approach to this year's team. I know the game plan is to "grow" a team for the future, but fans are paying good money this year to see what?  This current team might have five major league calibre players, two of whom are definitely not, Ray King and Ronnie Belliard.  Neither could make any other team in the bigs, but that is the plan so the faithful will have to pay and wait.  I enjoy reading comments from young fans as it connects me with the past (my day) and the present (yours), and this is definitley a diverse group on this forum, which makes it very enjoyable.