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Re: Welcome New Members, Introduce Yourself!
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Hey. I'm Kevin, and I live in Gaithersburg. I'm thrilled the Nats are on TV now, but after last night's debacle (4/7, D'backs game 2), I'm wondering if it was less painful just listening on the radio.

My boy started playing baseball as the Nats came to town, rekindling my interest in the game.

Anyway, I hope to make 10 or 12 games at RFK this year. Doing my part to keep attendance up!
Hi Kevin-
I listened to the previous game on the radio, and saw the 4/7 game on's painful both ways!
I used to coach my son in soccer and baseball, but then he broke my heart and dropped baseball for lacrosse. I used to be upset, until he was awarded a lacrosse scholarship for I'm smiling.