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Re: Welcome! New Members, Introduce Yourself!
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aboard to all newcomers!!

While I'm here, a little reminder to the posting veterans, that often times a discussion forum is also a place where fans go to read up on the goings on in and around their favorite team, as well to view different opinions and ideas posted by other members. There's no rule stating they have to post messages to keep their membership, but posting is encouraged, because it adds new idea and ways of seeing things to the discussions going on in the different threads and sections. The best way to get occasional forum readers to post, is to maintain a friendly atmosphere (something I sometimes allow myself to stray from) and make the idea of posting messages fun and have them look forward to getting replies.

I actually think that is a very valid point. I spend way more time reading through posts on this forum (and the various Nats/Senators blogs we see links to) than I do actually contributing myself. There's a wealth of baseballing knowledge on here which I could never possibly aspire to even though I was an Expos fan since the late '70s, so to me it's a wholly educational process. And I only ever post when I feel I have something I really need to say - it's always better to say nothing and be merely suspected of being ignorant, than to open your big mouth at the wrong time and remove all doubt!!

Welcome all you new guys anyway!

PS. A question for Chief - as a matter of interest, I swear there used to be your 'location' and 'board joined date' clearly visible next to your avatar on the forum, but this isn't there anymore. Just wondering why not?