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Re: Welcome New Members, Introduce Yourself!
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Hello.  My name is Robert.  
I saw my first Senators game in 1946 or '47; its hard to be exact.  I remember Mickey Vernon was the first baseman.  Later on Eddie Yost became my favorite and I watched as many games as possible from the third base side of old Griffith Stadium.  After high school, college and military service, I continued to attend several games each year until Short moved the expansion team to Texas.  I was very angry that I could not take my sons to watch baseball games in my home town, and refused to support Baltimore because they were perceived as blocking baseball's return to DC.  

Now the Nats are back.  I have been to several games each year; my oldest son took me for Fathers Day the first year, and again the next.  It may be the making of a tradition.  I look forward to seeing many games over the years I have left.

I have been a regular "lurker" (I think that is the term) on the MLB board until the childish action of last week made it difficult to pay attention.

I won't contrbute much, but hope you will read when I do


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