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Re: Welcome New Members, Introduce Yourself!
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Hello again guys....

I joined here late last year, but just before Xmas my PC became unusable and essentially junk, and I only just got back on-line about 2 weeks ago with a new system. So hopefully now I can contribute a little on here and have some fun!

So here's my slightly amended and updated original intro, which I first posted on the (now locked)  'Announcements and Stickies' board....

I'm pretty thrilled to have found you - at last a great independent Nats fan forum. I've been looking around and decided to join. I'd love a friendly forum to belong to, and maybe to make some great Nats fan friends.

I'll just briefly tell you my story. I'm 40'ish and live in England. I have two sisters who both live in Canada, and where I visit frequently for holidays with my wife and family. My support for the Nats stems from the fact that one of my sisters has lived most of her life in Ayers Cliff, a small town in southern Quebec, so all my live baseball for around 25 years between about 1979 and 2004 was games at the Big 'O' in Montreal, about 90 minutes away, and where I must have seen around 100 Expos games over those 25 years when there on holiday.

So obviously when the Expos left Montreal I immediately started to root for the Nationals, though I've never been to DC in my life, but I definately want to do that in the next couple of years. I watch as many Nats games as I can from my home in the UK, 'live' on MLB.TV - even though many of the games don't begin until around midnight with the 5 hour time difference between EST and GMT. So I feel I'm at least supporting them in my own way, though from some distance!

This looks a great forum - I've been reading some threads and there seems to be intelligent discussion and friendly mature debate, unlike many fan boards I've seen which are pretty ugly and poor quality.

So hi anyway, I hope to post quite often and see you all around.


PS....Since the Expos moved to DC I've also become interested in learning/researching whatever I can on the old Washington Senators, and especially the legendary Walter Johnson (my avatar)... if anyone can help with any links etc?