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I feel the peace is being disturbed at the have to understand, I'm not thick-skinned. 

I understand being thin-skinned.  I've been that way too and often try to ask myself if I'm doing that when I get upset about something.  But one of things I'm learning as a parent is to choose my battles.  When I need to get my kids to bed, do I fight them on what they wear or whether they should brush their teeth?  I choose teeth.  In this case, is the battle about a flame war (which has been apologized all over about several times) really that big of a deal to keep resurrecting the argument several days later.  Some times you just have to move on and decide that it's just not worth it anymore.  That's part of maturing anyway.  It takes a while to do something like this and I still have to check myself on it.  So, I'm not trying to preach as I haven't arrived or attained perfection.  This is just a little tidbit you may want to think about.