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Re: Moderator Guidelines
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We must remember, while we all want everyone to have and follow a rule of conduct, including moderators, that part of why this message forum is here, is because of the limitations set out on the Nationals main board, as well as an oasis against trolls. People joined this forum because it was troll free, that there were more allowances than over on the main board, that the atmosphere is more relaxed.

The issue is, while there is a desire for everyone to follow a rule of conduct, the "rule" is unwritten (at least to my knowledge).  And I totally get the point of the board and what its purpose is, however if there are no written rules, then the moderators are setting the example for what is and is not appropriate behavior.  During this whole controversy I really didn't think I was being anything more than annoying, since I didn't think I was doing any worse than the other poster.  If the mods want to get mixed up in a heated argument, that's their business, but they need to understand the consequences.