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Re: Moderator Guidelines
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...My suggestion for the CoC would be for moderators not to "split" threads in other poster's names without that member's consent.  I understand that moderators use this method to redirect arguments, however it is disrespectful to the member to have a thread started in their name (with a title of a moderator's choosing)...

I complained about it in the new thread, when it happened to me recently, but I wasn't overly bent out of shape about it.  The new and old threads don't entirely always make sense, since the pruning can't be perfect.  It's generally not a good idea to do it at all.

JMad is a person not a robot.

I thought JMad/MrMad was a NINJA, which are often believed to be part-robot...  Ninjas are supposed to fight.

How would you like us to improve?  What would you like changed?

I think we should get FREE DONUTS and free tickets in the President's section.

And MORE WINS by the Nationals!