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My two cents' worth, I appreciate that the issue of moderator roles was raised and that forum members were given an opportunity to have input, as I've sometimes had concerns about how that role is manifested on this forum (and my concerns have involved different occasions with different moderators - I don't wish to single out J-Mad or any other moderator). As far as performance and competency, I'm sure that each moderator does a lot of behind-the-scenes work that we don't know about. I appreciate their taking the time to contribute their technical skills, and no doubt they each make solid contributions to forum function and maintenance on a regular basis.

That said, I for one like the idea of having (and/or making forum members aware of) a public code of conduct or guidelines for moderators. I participate in a number of work-related online discussion forums and lists, as well as some recreational forums related to my personal interests such as birding and baseball. Generally speaking, I've noticed that moderators on this board sometimes tend to behave differently than moderators on other forums that I've been on, in that while they may step in to moderate disputes among forum members, they also may engage in such disputes themselves (sometimes in an, um, immoderate manner). I understand the concept of splitting off tangential discussions, but IMO moderators should exercise prudence as relates to locking or deleting threads, particularly threads in which they have been engaging in a dispute with another member, so as to avoid the appearance of or perception of any abuse of their power. In such a situation, it might be appropriate for moderators to consult amongst themselves and perhaps for a moderator who is impartial and removed from the active dispute to step in and take action. I also think that moderators should think twice before editing a forum member's comments.

That's my two cents' worth. Thanks for asking. Reasoned discussion and brainstorming about roles can only help to make a good forum better, IMO (and I do think that Chief has created a very good forum here).

Edit: In the event that moderator guideline changes/implementation were to be considered, here's some info that came up when I Googled "board moderator ethics."

thanks 1A.