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First off, in my experience on message boards, a "moderator" is someone that maintains the integrity of the board.  They have privileges with the content of the board and they should be using those privileges responsibly and not abusing them.  It is understood that moderators are also regular posters, however their conduct on the board MUST be held to a higher standard, or else if a non-moderator has a concern, then they are not fully confident that the concern can be respected or addressed properly.  For non-moderators, they need assurance that moderators aren't abusing their power because if all we can do is complain to moderators, then they may just look and say "it's his problem" and brush the issue aside.   That is unacceptable IMO. 

I have looked through the board and surprisingly I didn't find a clearly marked "Code of Conduct" anywhere.  Not saying it doesn't exist, but where can I find it?  If it doesn't exist, then I suggest that the board moderators (who are responsible for the integrity of the board) look at examples from other message boards and come up with a set of guidelines for ALL members.  As another poster mentioned, a lot does slide here and I believe that is why problems occur and they are dismissed easily by the mods.  And I will also suggest that this CoC include a "moderator" section that will address any misuse of moderator privileges. 

From my recent experience with the moderators and their handling of member concerns, it's just one person's call and that's it.  No set rules, guidelines, nothing.  Just one person's opinion, which may or may not be impartial. 

My recommendation for the improvement of the board is for the moderators to develop a Code-of-Conduct for the board (and they can request assistance from all members, since they are the primary users) that will include guidelines for posting etiquette and moderator behavior.

My suggestion for the CoC would be for moderators not to "split" threads in other poster's names without that member's consent.  I understand that moderators use this method to redirect arguments, however it is disrespectful to the member to have a thread started in their name (with a title of a moderator's choosing). 

Also I would recommend that moderators not engage in any "flame wars" because those ruin the integrity of the board, and I expect the moderators to be above that sort of behavior. 

That's just a starting off point - I welcome any moderator or non-moderator to contribute their ideas and suggestions for improving this board with a clearly defined CoC.  I believe this will clear up any ambiguities over what is appropriate or inappropriate behavior (mod or non-mod). 


Thank you.

My apologies for offending you and/or making you feel uncomfortable here on this board, as it was never my intent to do so.  In the future I'll make a conscious effort to refrain from being as active in posting and in forum debates as I have been, and I'll hold my opinion to myself more often. I'll strive to be more of an "observer" and "news poster" , except for in the game threads.