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Re: Nationals vs Cubs, Game 3
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no, not quite. Campbell got hurt. it's not like he was Benched in favor of Campbell.

Collins was riding adrenaline. as were the Skins, in the wake of what happened to Sean Taylor.  that doesn't speak anything about Campbell's play.

Campbell is the best QB you have at the moment.  plus, Campbell is young.this is going be what, season number 2 and a half for him?

I can't believe I'm actually arguing about the Redskins. I'm a Giants fan, I shouldn't really give a sh*t.

please redskins, follow the advice of Eagleskins,so you can fight with the Eagles for the NFC East cellar for the next 5 years.

Yeah, he got hurt after a half in Chicago.  In the first half the Skins put up 0 points and were losing.  2nd half Collins comes in and the Skins put up 20 and win.  You were right, if Campbell doesn't get hurt the Skins finish last in the NFC East last year.