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Quote from: "Kenz aFan"
Maybe call that section "Nats So Loud" or 'Nats Whispers" for pasted articles about the Nats from different sources. But man, can you imagine the bandwidth that could potentially gobble up?

I'm not even so much concerned with bandwidth (though that is a concern) as I am with whose responsibility it would be to keep up with all the news.  Not to mention, in most other forums I've seen that have dedicated news sections, they usually end up just being a bunch of posts by the same two or three people and rarely ever get any replies or discussion.  I think it's better to have news posted in the general or trade sections by whoever feels like posting it.  It seems to generate more discussion that way.

I have to agree with Agoia, I think trying to provide the best forum possible is better than spreading out my already thin free time in an attempt to provide extra content that most people will get elsewhere anyway.  I'm still working on allowing picture attachments, and that's a very minor job compared to the kind of work that a new site layout or front page would require.  Even if I were to start on such a project, it would probably take weeks or more likely months before I'd be able to finish even a preliminary draft.

All of that having been said, I am willing to work with the forum members to try to give them what they want.  All I need in return is patience (or assistance where possible) and plenty of input.  An official partnership with another site is another possibility (such as a site that is primarily content-oriented, but lacks a solid forum) but so far nothing serious is in the works.