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Re: Nationals @ Phillies, Game 2
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We got Condos for cheap out here in Natsville, man.

Thanks for the offer.

I actually got the game on MASN tonight - I almost always get it on the other team's network.  Even the Nats broadcasters totally out-class the Marlins.  I known it's beyond the Nats control, but MASN needs to change the men on base display.  When I flipped back to the Nats in the 8th, it showed 2b and 3b white, and 1b the same dark color as the background.  The first pitch I saw that inning was a broken bat play, and Zimm went to 2b.  I thought he was nuts to do that with runners on 2b and 3b, and let the game get tied.  But it was actually a runner on 1b, and Zimm got the lead runner.  Then, I remembered from last year, MASN's men on display is the only one in which the bright color mean the respective base is empty.  Between that backwards display, and making a play at second when runners are advancing to every base other than 2b being the norm for the Marlins, my heart sank there for a seconds until the announcer said Zimm got the lead runner.  Then I went to WTF mode for a couple more seconds before remembering I was watching on MASN.