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Re: Beer, Beer, and More Beer
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Slightly off-topic:    When did MLB start selling hard liquor at baseball games?   :icon_question:    Maybe I just never noticed at RFK??   But I've been to about half the parks in MLB over the last 25 years and I do not recall ever seeing hard stuff being sold.

It takes a bit of looking sometimes, but it's there - at RFK they had Dewar's, Jack and others at the successor to the (late lamented) Foggy Brewpub (at least at DC United matchnights - I didn't go down there at Nats matches). On the 300 level at Nationals Park the Union Pub is the place to go.

When I used to go to Expos matches back in the 90's I recall distilled spirits being available, at least in the (shockingly inexpensive and easily ticketed) club seats.

Still has a way to go to catch up with FedEx Field (provided you either take your potent potable before kick-off when the stadium hasn't filled up, or you don't mind endless waits behind people paying for massive multi-drink orders with credit cards) and the Phone Booth (hard liquor bar outside section 400 and at several locations in the 100 concourse, also at the Dewar's 12 Clubhouse).