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Also, ideally, one would keep the cooler submersed in ice until right before filling it with beer, pre-chilled.

Wild Bill came to some Terps basketball games for a while, probaby circa 1980.  He'd lead his patented cheer, modifyed for the venue.


Then after the game, he'd adjourn to the 'vous to down a few beers.  The man was legit, in terms of drinking prowess.  He didn't bother with cups, which must have seemed like thimbles to him.  He drank directly from the pitcher, which cost $2.25 (60 oz.) apiece.  Just walking around the 'vous, checking out the college girls, drinking beer by the gallon. 

Not to turn this into a Wild Bill thread, but since it IS about beer...

On New Years Day 1976, Bill and his roommate figure a good way to celebrate the bicentennial would be to drink 200 cases of beer in their apartment by July 4. They had a complex chart on the wall to mark their progress....and hit 200 before the end of April.