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Re: Beer, Beer, and More Beer
« Reply #50: April 08, 2008, 07:38:27 AM »
Thanks for your insight here, as well as all the interest by other fans on this issue of poor beer selection at Nationals Park.

So what do we do from here to get this problem corrected and get more variety in beer selection at the ballgames ?

While it would be easy to stop buying any beer at the games, the better solution in my eyes is to write to the Nationals and get them to change this.  They probably could put in another vendor or more selection every 4th or 5th beer stand without violating the current agreement with Millar Brewing.  So would all the WNFF readers please write to the Nationals (see their website) or call (202) 675-6287, option zero to speak with the receptionist ???

Mathguy, my Anheiser Busch source confirmed this is correct.  According to her, Miller has 75% of the beer concession in the park, which gives them marketing rights they can use to preclude a lot of competition.  Anheiser Busch is a major sponsor of the Olympics this year, which limited their ability to muscle in on the new Park.  Miller effectively blocked Cap Cities by prohibiting signage aside from on the taps, and Cap Cities wouldn't bend that far.