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Re: Beer, Beer, and More Beer
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I had like 6 large bottles of Indonesian Bintang pilsner today and still haven't pissed, it is so hot here.  This island was an old Portuguese spice trading outpost, so at least they are RC...hence the availability of beer.  Up in Sumatra they probably saw off your balls for even thinking about beer.  I'll know next week. 

Java (particularly the central and eastern parts) and central Sulawesi, along with Lombok and the Aceh part of far-north Sumatra, are where the really hard-core Islamic fundies turn up. Some parts of Sumatra (such as the Danau Toba area) are majority Christian.

In the meantime...bought a four-pack of Shift, a lager from New Belgium...sort of reminds me of the cheap beers I used to drink at university forty years ago (much much pricier though).