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Re: Beer, Beer, and More Beer
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So Chelsea - do you think Bud did this just to try to charge more or did they feel there is demand for low flavor, higher alcohol ?

Well the demand for 'low flavour' is obviously there (how else does one explain the sales of Bud Light ordinaire?) but the whole thing seems to come across as some sort of quick-money marketing move (remember it was launched during the run-up to the Super Bowl, arguably the premier time of year for new product launches) - it'll probably stay on the market as long as the pretty bottle and 6.0% ABV remain attractive...until people try Natural Ice at half the price and discover that Platinum is effectively the same thing, just packaged more attractively and more upscale. It'll depend on how long that 'status' angle sells.

And there is of course a demand for get-trashed-quick brews - the thing is, that can be done at much less cost, either with Natural Ice or similar cheap brews, or by doing shooters with super-smooth Polish vodka (the off-licence I frequent has fifths of Sobieski and Luksusowa for under $15 each).