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Re: Beer, Beer, and More Beer
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Interesting .... What hype do you mean, Dave ?  Dogfish is a little special here because it's almost local (definately local for DC beach goers).  But also if one enjoys strong tasting beer, the Dogfish beers are good matches.  But I never got the feeling the Dogfish brewers (or customers) thought they were hot stuff.

It would be nice if the Nationals would serve some Dogfish beers at the ballgames.

I feel like they get a little crazy with their super strong beers. I've never had the 120 minute. But at their breweries they have these concoctions of like 15-18% stuff. I did have one. Probably wouldnt get it again.  They also sell "vintage" beers.  They were produced a couple years ago and sold for like 20$ per bottle.  I thought beer was supposed to be fresh. 

Maybe it is the local affection that I notice. They are OK, just not really any more special than other craft beers.  There was also an article where they came out with some beer and sold it for 100$ per case because that is what they thought they could charge. Hey, good for them. It just sounded like "people will buy anything we sell, even at 100$ per case (or maybe just because it is 100$ per case)" as opposed to "this is so good, it is worth 100$ per case".  I find it hard to believe anything is worth 100$ per case. Although I guess that is 4$ per beer and basically in line with bar prices for Miller Lite.  But when at the beer store and looking at 25$ good cases (actually what does a case of good stuff go for these days? havent bought a case of good stuff in a while, mostly just 6 packs that run 8-9 dollars) I would probably be hard pressed to spend 100$ on something that can't possibly be 4 times better than something like a Magic Hat