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Re: Beer, Beer, and More Beer
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If anybody is looking for a different beer experience than you normally find (stuff you might have never heard of or see elsewhere and in some cases costs more than you think beer should) and are not afraid of not-completely "established" neighborhoods you should check out Granville Moore's on H St NE (1200 block).

Stella is their entry level beer and priced reasonably at 4$ or you could step it up in the pilsener category and get a 6$ Bavik. My non Guinees pallette (sp?) is in hibernation so the both were good, maybe an edge to the Bavik.  The Stella is on tap and was colder, so that gave it some points.

I havent really ventured much into their other categories. Kinda because it is like the "So many choices? Ah F it just give me a Stella"

In summary, tons of beers, I think they are all Belgian, if not, 90% of them are.

Food is good.  Mussels are their signature, but their steak sandwich is really good. The Bison steak is a little hit or miss. Good once, second time I had it not so much.

Atmospere is pretty cool.  Old house that was gutted and they basically didnt refurb. Old furniture.  Good not loud varied music

Beer list is not up to date (Fall 2007) but you get the idea