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Re: Beer, Beer, and More Beer
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Now we are going to be flooded with all these faux-craft beers. It shouldnt make a difference who makes it as long as it tastes good. But there is some satisfaction to be gained by getting something good that you cant get anywhere that some guy thought up in his basement. Basement might be stretch, but at least without the help of an army of chemical engineers and food scientists.

Frequently, if a bar has its "own" beer on tap but they are not a brewery, it just some kind of Macro, with a different tap. A bartender was telling me that nobody buys or wants Michelob Amber Bock as Michelob Amber Bock, but if you give it a cute name related to your bar, people love it

By craft stout, I mean from a place where you see the brewing equipment behind glass - Guinness Extra Cold in the UK tastes just as good - but it lacks pizazz here, or in other countries where it is brewed locally