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Re: Beer, Beer, and More Beer
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Paging Old Chelsea....

I guess you didnt make your way to the Capitol City beergarden that was written about

Wasn't even aware of it, to be perfectly honest (problem is, so much of the specialist catering is in restricted areas). Never been to Capitol City Brewing either.

On the 300/400 concourse (my seat is in 312) there were two quality-beer outlets (the two 'Base Line Brews' kiosks along the interior of the concourse facing just away from the playing area), one of which (dispensing Bass and Stella) was not operational at all, and the other (dispensing Pilsner Urquell draught and a couple of the Hook and Ladder line in bottles - tried their Brown which wasn't bad) not fully up till about the second inning - and not surprisingly sporting some of the longest queues on that level. The food concessions along the exterior of the concourse are complete write-offs as far as beer is concerned (sorry, I don't regard Corona, Blue Moon or Leinies Red as 'quality' beers) with little on offer besides Bud/Miller.

I'll put some of this down to teething pains but they've got quite a way to go to get the beer offerings up in Hoipolloi Country back up to the level we enjoyed on the RFK 300 level last season.