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Bowden Enthusiastic about Everything
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Bowden Enthusiastic about Everything

Washington, D.C.?Nationals General Manager Jim Bowden could hardly contain his excitement yesterday as he emerged from his interview for the Red Sox GM position recently vacated by Theo Epstein.

?I am absolutely thrilled about the possibility of working for the Sox,? Bowden said.

?I grew up in Boston, and it would be the culmination of a lifelong dream to work for my hometown team and have the second biggest budget in the league. I am ecstatic about the opportunity.?

Bowden?s contract with the Nationals expired on October 31 but was renewed until April 2006. The longer the Nationals ownership decision is delayed, the greater the chance that Bowden will remain with the team under new ownership.

?I am excited about the possibility of staying in Washington,? Bowden said.

?It would be thrilling to stay in that wonderful city and guide the Nationals to greater success next season. I am continuing to make plans for the team as we speak.?

According to Bowden?s wife, there is nothing that does not enthuse Bowden. ?It?s something I have learned to live with,? she said. ?At least he?s on the road most of the time.?

For his part, Bowden is optimistic that whatever happens, his professional prospects are good.

?I?ll work here, I?ll work there?it?ll be great!? Bowden said, giving the thumbs-up gesture.

?No matter what, every day is a beautiful day for baseball! Wheeeee!!!!?

Disclaimer: This a parody . . . sort of . . . well, maybe not.