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Re: Nationals vs Braves, Game 1
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I can't get the highlights to play for me, just as I couldn't get the free online MLB TV preview to work on Saturday. The new Microsoft video player must be glitchy. Imagine that. :halo:

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Re: Nationals vs Braves, Game 1
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Oh my goodness!!  I had no idea that was you!!  That's so funny!!  SO, I will ask you the question I had when I saw "you", what was up w/ wearing the gorilla suit?

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I was supposed to get free parking, but ALL the police on the street around the stadium were extremely rude and completely UNhelpful.
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Perhaps it was the gorilla suit? Wink

The real problem was the Nationals don't bother to tell people buying those pricey tickets which lot they're supposed to park in.  I wasn't wearing the gorilla suit when I arrived.  It was in a bag and I had to pass through security and the metal detector... (and later, a GEICO Caveman.)  The guard going through the bag said, "It's a gorilla suit... and a mask."  I said, "There's no way I'm going to get COLD."  I told him I was sitting behind home plate and he said, "You're going to be on TV."  So I said, "And you'll be the only one who knows who it was."  So I gave that guy a memory of that day.

When Air Zimmerman said last season that he was going to see the Nationals in Toronto, I told him to wear a gorilla suit, so we at WNFF could pick him out.  That made it MANDATORY for me to wear it, especially since I was sitting where ESPN could easily see it, live.  It was the most high profile place and situation to ever do something like that.  I intended to wear it for the whole game, but I was hot and sweaty and hungry from running to catch the express bus at RFK.  (They have waitresses who bring you free food in that section; no standing in the anticipated long lines.) 

I got on the Jumbo-tron, but I can't believe that wearing a gorilla suit will NOT get you on ESPN.   I haven't seen a newspaper or Internet photo of it yet... Hmmm, kimnat WORKS for a paper... And EricasNats KNOW peoples... So many people took photos that one's got to pop up someplace. 

The history and culture of gorilla suits: