Author Topic: A small gripe with the Ignore Feature.  (Read 6485 times)

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Re: A small gripe with the Ignore Feature.
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Kimnat shows surprising strength with 2 ignores to her credit.

That's a funny one. Kimnat is one of our mildest posters.

Click on anyone's profile and you can see the total who are ignoring that person.  Sadly, Spider, you are not currently being ignored, and I think the hole is too deep to dig out of. 

I could go on a late tear in the coming weeks to catch up a little. Or I could fire my campaign manager :lol:

Chief, does this mean the integrity of the "ignore" stats are not intact?  We rely upon the stats in making our informed judgements on which posters have achieved the highest (lowest?) level of "ignore" performance, and if the numbers aren't reliable, we're going to have anarchy.   :shock:  :-[  :pray:

We may have to come up with a stat to define this one.