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Troll Free Message Board
« Topic Start: July 05, 2005, 10:37:13 PM »
A few reasons why I don't like the MLB boards:

1.  Too many trolls.  The level of troll activity from the Mets and Braves fans has been out of control.  I'm sick of the few bitter Expo fans like "adoptayank" and "pascualp".  I think the Orioles trolls have slithered away for good.  

Slaying the "Zimmm" was a minor victory but there will be more "Zimmms" out there.  

2.  I can't criticize the National players, the management, and the city government without threats of violence, a few profane replies or asking the moderator for banishment from the boards.  

C'mon Nats fans...we can disagree but do so politely.  Posting profane messages or making violent threats is not good behavior.  

3.  In this forum I can post words such as "lame", "idiot", "moron" or the word "screw".  I'm sick of putting symbols and extra spaces between words.  

4.  I can post direct web links in the messages in this forum.  No more of this "ht tp" junk from the MLB Nationals site.