Author Topic: Economic Stimulus Package? The Man is giving us all free money?  (Read 1553 times)

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The amounts are in $US.  Since 1996, we have been increasing the amount of our food supply in both dollars and as a percentage of the total.  In 2004, our last surplus year, it was 10% of the total.  In 2006, we imported 12% of our food supply and had a deficit of $8,976 in food.  Through November 2007, we had imported about 13.2% of our food supply, and had a similar deficit. 

Our corn production for food supplies in volume was the same in 2006 and it was in 1978, and will get worse with the energy bill, and hit the overall food sector quite hard.  Everything that has a corn sweetner, corn oil, and everything that uses corn for feed or otherwise in production (soda, candy, chips, anything fried, beef, chicken, milk, eggs, cheese, etc.) will be directly affected.  Then, all competing products will rise in price to market conditions because of their increased demand.  Groceries had and overall inflation rate of 5.6% last year - and we ain't seen nothin' yet.   

Making matters worse, fuel and energy were up 17.4%, and medical care was up 5.9%, water and sewer and trash collection was up 5.4%.  Most retirement plans have relatively fixed annuities, and any increases are generally small and are several years apart.  Social security benies went up 2.3%.  You'd better hope the retirees and others on fixed incomes have some significant savings, because they are going to have to dip into them.  If your parents are retired, keep tabs on them and see  how they are doing.  They may be cutting corners that shouldn't be cut.

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Your not suggesting we stop paying Archer Daniels Midland not to plant are you?