Author Topic: Baseball plans to retain its testing doctor (USA Today)  (Read 1845 times)

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I don't know, maybe there could be a grassroots movement. At this point, I feel more confident about minor leaguers being clean than I do major leaguers, because they've been subject to more stringent testing due to not being covered by the player's association agreement (as I understand it).

I think it's become evident that this just isn't going to happen. Congress (known for lying to the American people) are going to allow them to pay lip service to 'appease' the public but continue to do as they please. There isn't enough groundswell of protest from the masses to force them to do something about it. People will still go to games and they know it so they thumb their noses at us and operate as usual. I have often told myself that it would be useless for me to stop attending games or even following the sport when no one else will follow suit. I wonder how many others feel as I do.