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Braves Acquire Kotsay
« Topic Start: January 12, 2008, 06:15:12 PM »

The A's and Braves have reached a preliminary agreement on a deal that would send Mark Kotsay to Atlanta for Joey Devine.
The Braves will be on the hook for just $2 million of the $7.375 million that Kotsay is owed, but to get him that cheap, they had to part with a very talented young reliever. We're quite skeptical that Kotsay will be a useful regular, though he should be an upgrade over Josh Anderson for the short-term. Jordan Schafer still might get his chance come July.

Thats a big hole in CF Kotsay is going to have to fill.  Can he do it?  Is he dangerous?  Cooooooold Bloooooooded......

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Re: Braves Acquire Kotsay
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Kotsay's OK, but he'll probably be the guy we'll worry the least about in their regular lineup.

I was thinking, we may actually have the best bench in the NL East (blog idea for you :D).