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Re: go nats
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Quote from: "reg fairfield"
L-O-S-E-R-S what's that spel Nats. nats stink nats stink nats stink. also I forgot to mention that guzman stinks vidro stinks cepicky stinks majewski stinks armas stinks byrd stinks ayala stinks carroll stinks spivey stinks blanco stinks loaiza stinks kim stinks carrasco stinks and patterson stinks. Also joey eichen stinks gary bennett stinks schnieder stinks drese stinks wil cordero stinks(he really does) st.claire stinks tom mccraw stinks bob natal stinks don bufford stinks jackvoigt stinks dave huppert stinks eddie rodriguez stinks jim bowden stinks barry larkin stinks jose rijo stinks tom grahm stinks and ryan zimmerman I'm sorry he had to get drafted by the washington losers.

Frustrated phillies fan? Oh tough crowd try the soup.