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The exact same team next year
« Topic Start: September 22, 2005, 09:19:07 PM »
I know it won't happen, but you would have to figure that if we brought back the exact same team next year we would have a better season.  Looking back at this year, the only guys that really produced more than expected were Cordero, Majewski and Patterson.  I don't think Cordero will lead the majors in saves every year, but I think we have blooming star in John Patterson.  He reminds me of Jim Palmer so much it's scary and if he has 1/2 the career of Palmer I will take it.

I guess Livan and Schnieder performed about as expected, but everybody else performed below what was expected.  Think about it - Wilkerson hit .250 with 11 homers, Castilla hit .250 with 65 rbi, Guillen may not finish above .280, Johnson hit .285, Vidro hit .270, Guzman hit .210, Wilson hit .270, Church/Byrd/Carroll were ordinary, Drese and Armas were soft, heartless, also-rans.

This team struggled to hit in the clutch so much it was painful to watch, and yet they still were in contention until the final 10 days.  It makes me  wonder how in the hell they did it.

I have to think that next year with an owner and more familiarity with the surroundings will add to the win total as well.  Could we get to 90 wins next year with the exact same team?

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The exact same team next year
« Reply #1: September 23, 2005, 09:35:20 AM »
obivously health is a big issue. i dont know if you can count on vidro, johnson or wilkerson. wilkerson had some kind of nerve issue in the first month.  johnson gets hurt lunging. vidro gets hurt runnning out groundballs. i can take injuries like guillen and church running into walls, but not the aforementioned feeble injuries.  maybe wilkerson gets another chance, but i dont think you can count on vidro and johnson.  if there are other options out there, i'd take em.

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The exact same team next year
« Reply #2: September 23, 2005, 10:44:40 AM »
I just can't bear to give up on Johnson.  He was by far our best hitter when healthy, and the 4th best hitting 1st baseman.

Given our depth at outfielder, if we keep Wilkerson, having Wilky as backup 1st base for the injury prone Johnson is not a bad way to go.  Basically, if Johnson gets hurt, you substitute Byrd or Church or whoever your 4th outfielder is, move Wilky to first.

Vidro does not impress me.

We won't have injuries to the extent we had them this year, but of course we'll have them.  I agree with Rileyn to an extent, that our performance with existing guys SHOULD be better next season.

And I am assuming Zimm and Short are on the roster, replacing Baerga / Blanco.


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The exact same team next year
« Reply #3: September 23, 2005, 10:55:43 AM »
I disagree - other than Guzman, I don't really think that anyone underachieved by much this year.

C: Schneider: better than expected. Bennett: as expected (practically useless)

1B: Johnson: as expected (though healthier than I expected)

2B: Vidro: a little bit worse than I expected, but I think it's an age/injury thing, and don't see him getting much better next year.

3B: Castilla: frankly, he did a little bit better than I expected. I thought he'd be horrible; instead he was just bad.

SS: Guzman: Worse than expected. I thought he'd be bad, but nowhere near this bad.

OF: Wilkerson: a little bit owrse thanexpected.

OF: Guillen: As expected

OF: Sledge, Church, Chavez, Byrd, etc: injury problems, but overall right around where  expected

SP: Hernandez: as expected, maybe a little bit worse
SP: Loaiza: better than expected
SP: Paterson: MUCH better than expected
SP: Armas: As expected. Anyone who expected Armas to be healthy and effective had unreasonable expectations. He pitched exactly how I thought he would.
SP: Drese: As expected. Same as Armas, but without the injury problems.

RP: Cordero: better than expected, but probably not much of a falloff
RP: Ayala: As expected
RP: Majewski: a little bit better than expected, but sustainable
RP: Carrasco: WAY better than expected

For the guys returning next year, I'd expect the following:

C: Schneider: a little bit worse
1B: johnson: same
2B: Vidro: a little bit better
3B: Castilla: same
SS: Guzman: better, but still poor
OF: Wilkerson: better
OF: Guillen: same
OF: Sledge/Church/Byrd: a little bit better

SP: Hernandez: same
SP: Patterson: worse
SP: Drese: same

RP: Cordero: a little bit worse
RP: Ayala: same
RP: Majewski: same

The big problem for 2006 is filling the gaping holes - we've got less than half a starting rotation, and the bullpen is losing a lot of guys who pitched pretty well. We need a legitimate backup C so that Schneider doesn't wear down; we need better middle-infield depth.


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The exact same team next year
« Reply #4: September 23, 2005, 11:35:44 AM »
Johnson is 27/28 and has never played more than 130 games or something. He cant pssibly last long term. This year he played essentially 90. The first half and a couple good games when he came back. I'm not counting all the games he was in the lineup and ineffective. if you can get some sucker to bite on him in a trade, i'd take it if the other team makes a slightly overvalued offer (prospects, whatever) in desparation. wilkerson apparently doesnt like playing 1B, or at least i've heard his production drops. but you can put him there if you feel he is "the heart and soul" of the team. then you have guillen, church, byrd/watson/sledge/juan pierre perhaps in the OF.  would you guys be willing to take a chance on spivey/short at 2B, if you can dump vidro's contract. i like spivey defensively and his speed. in case you cant tell from my juan pierre/wlikerson debate, i love speed.

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The exact same team next year
« Reply #5: September 23, 2005, 04:58:40 PM »
I'm not enamored of Wilky, but he is a very competent backup 1st baseman.  If he's on the team, you don't need a Wil Cordero hanging around.

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The exact same team next year
« Reply #6: September 29, 2005, 02:14:09 PM »
I've noticed nobody has mentioned Wilson which adds yet another name to a very crowded outfield scenario.

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The exact same team next year
« Reply #7: September 29, 2005, 02:31:19 PM »
I think it's a forgone conclusion that Wilson will not be back next year.