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Thoughts on Steroids
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And when elected commissioner, that will be my most urgent priority (in addition to scrapping the DH, and re-aligning the divisions to be 6 x 5).

I'm curious to hear how 6X5 divisions would work out, in terms of scheduling and playoffs.

I'd like to see re-alignment along the lines of 4 divisions of 8 teams each. Top 3 teams in each division make the playoffs, with #2 and #3 playing a best-of-3 for the right to face the #1 team in a best-of-7 for the division title. Best-of-7 LCS, followed by a best-of-7 WS. Play each team in your division 14 times a year; each team in the other division in your league 8 times a year for a total of 162 games (no intrleague play).