Author Topic: WHY WE WILL MISS THE PLAYOFFS  (Read 1488 times)

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You know afte reading Yuda's gameday thing, I realized that there's one reason and only one reason that we will miss the playoffs. Its not our horrible hitting, our low payroll or our slew of injuries. I honestly believe we would have no problems getting over that. But the only problem I can think of, is Frank Robinson.

When people used to hate on Frank, I used to think "they dont know what they're talking about FR is a hall-of-famer" but I now honestly realize that Frank is the ONLY REASON we wont make the playoffs. I mean, I'm sure I dont have the experience to say this, but Frank is the worst manager of ALL TIME. The people with more experience please back me up. Its just such a damn shame that this inexperienced team overcame all obstacles and criticisms and in the end it wont matter because FRANK is screwing this team over. I just feel sorry for the players who are so determined to make the playoffs and dont realize how much of a crap head their manager is.

THe bright sides are in our first year of existence we get pennant race experience. Ryne Sandberg said in June that he wondered if inexperience will hurt us and it obviously has. Next year, our players will return knowing what to expect when it comes to August and September. Also, I heard that there's a good chance that Brian Cashman is going to be our GM next year.

But seriously, if the New Owners are stupid enough to hire Frank, that means this franchise is going to burn in hell quick

Our only hope now is if the other teams completely melt down, with the Marlins already taking the first step