Author Topic: Gameday Thread: Nationals @ Padres, Game 2 (L/12)  (Read 38339 times)

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Gameday Thread: Nationals @ Padres, Game 2 (L/12)
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Quote from: "Senators2005"
Quote from: "Nationalzfanatic88"
As much as two extra base hits by Guzman woulda been nice, he actually has one hit, a single, and a walk!!

Sorry, I have a bad habit of correcting people

While you're correcting shoulda mentioned that Guzman's steal was only the result of a bad throw by the catcher.    :P

hmm...I wouldnt know that cuz I cant watch the games. According to the gameday he stole second...but thanks for showing me once again how much it sucks being blacked out