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Gameday Thread: Nationals @ Padres, Game 2 (L/12)
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My college is in southern VA which I believe is in the Nats' territory (so no MLB-TV) but beyond radio or WB50, so it's just no man's land as far as baseball coverage goes.  I do get Comcast SportsNet so I'm rooting for them (as if Angelos weren't enough).

Depends on where in Virginia you are...I'm in Woodbridge and I'm not blacked-out.

Farmville.  I've heard of blackouts in Richmond and it's only about an hour SW of that city.  I can follow this season till the end because I'm still here, but I hope they get the TV rights done with by next August (which, going from the pace of things, looks doubtful).

(well, by next April, rather.  Finals are first week of May... forgot there's a beginning of the season as well as an end...  :wink:)