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Gameday Thread: Nationals @ Padres, Game 1 (W)
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Quote from: "The Chief"
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Quote from: "Izarkrane"
derned nats. I should be sleeping but here they keep rewarding my insomnia...

same here, I'm going to be tired as hell tomorrow. O, and Chief you missed me demote you from my "favorite person" on this board in favor of Jayman.  :cry:

Heh, I didn't miss it, I just thought it was funny.  You two are like the odd couple :lol:

Who does everyone think will close if we're still leading going into the 9th?

eugh, not "couple", I look at it more as "mentor-student" thing. I think Cheif will close.

By teh way, has anyone else noticed how patient at the plate Wilky's been tonight? Gosh, isnt he the best player ever?